About the illustrator

Destinee Almeida is a self-taught, traditional multi-media artist based in Nashua, New
Hampshire. She has devoted much of her adolescence and adulthood to the visual arts and
practiced through trial and error to develop her unique, creative skillset. Through this dedication, she now specializes in semi-realism and stylized illustration.


Destinee’s artwork is often inspired by her day-to-day life, as she has an eye for seeing
the mundane through an artist’s lens. Her award-winning creations have been
recognized by various exhibitions, both locally and regionally in past years, including the
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Nashua Area Artists’ Association EAST Show, and the
BLICK On-Trend Art Challenge.


Larceny in the Aisles is the first published work to hold a collection of her illustrations, and
Destinee looks forward to pursuing her work in the professional field consistently in the future.
Check out more of Destinee’s illustrations here, or reach out to her via email here.