About the author

Mark Scamman worked in the supermarket industry for forty-five years at thirteen stores in two different states. Mark worked for the same company all those years—his only job.


The supermarket chain helped Mark through college, and he graduated from the University of Lowell with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management. While at the university, he met his wife, Amy. They have two children, Robby and Kelsey, and they live in Dennis Port, Massachusetts.


While working as a manager, Mark managed to get very proficient at catching people who were stealing. Mark learned from the best, and he and his team managed to catch nearly a thousand shoplifters. Mark’s experiences gave him a deep appreciation for law enforcement, and as laws that penalize shoplifters have become less supportive of retailers over the years, he also has deep compassion for store owners who are finding it more and more difficult to recoup losses from crime. He is an advocate for stiffer penalties, and he hopes his book will help raise awareness.


Mark was named Store Manager of the Year in 1999 by the New Hampshire Grocers Association. One store he managed was named Best Store three years in a row by Best of Central Massachusetts, a survey put on by The Worcester Telegram and Gazette yearly.


Mark now enjoys yard work, woodworking, and playing golf with his fellow retirees. He can be reached through email here or view his website here.