Larceny in the Aisles

Stories from a Supermarket Manager


You spend your whole life internalizing right from wrong, and stealing has always been wrong. Right? 


This collection of stories, written by Mark Scamman and illustrated by Destinee Almeida, spans Mark’s four-decade career as a grocery store manager. It sheds light both on the broad range of retail theft—from not-so-cleverly-planned organized maneuvers to desperate attempts by those with low incomes, including senior citizens. Some stories may make you laugh, while many will have you shaking your head in wonder.


Mark also explains laws that protect retailers, showing readers that those safeguards are now being minimized. Stealing is being overlooked, accepted as commonplace. Laws are being reformed to actually make it easier to steal with little or no accountability for one’s actions.


Is shoplifting okay? Are consequences strong enough to curtail repeat offenders? See what you think after reading Mark’s stories, which are sure to engage you.


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